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According to the Zazou website at, the founders chose the name ZAZOU because around the time of World War II, Zazou was the name of a group of nonconformists in Paris who loved to dance and dress in outrageous fashions.

In 1994, however, the word Zazou  popped up again, but this time, the spelling changes and it was shown in an American, animated film made by Disney: “The Lion King”

Lion King


In “The Lion King,” there was a savannah filled with colorful characters, including Timon and Pumbaa, Simba and Nala, Mufasa and Sarabi, and, of course, the always-prestigious, Zazu.



Zazu is the right-hand (or winged) man to the king of the jungle, and though he is not necessarily respected by the  lions, he was always an intricate part of Pride Rock.

Unfortunately, ‘Zazu’ seems to have no meaning in the Swahili language, but in the language of Disney, it translates to ‘pouncing practice’ or ‘banana beak!’

Images Courtesy Walt Disney and Zazou


I remember coming home from elementary school, tossing my backpack to the side and running up to my room to read, for the 100th time, one of my Shel Silverstein books of poems.

Each day, I would alternate between “A Light in the Attic,” “Falling Up” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends,” or I would read all three in one sitting (they were easy reads after all!)

I loved his rushed illustrations, cooky rhymes and outlandish subjects (who knew a man being eaten by a boa constrictor could make it into a children’s book?!)

And I always recalled one poem being especially funny, yet quite graphic, about a man and his very important scarf in 1996’s “Falling Up,” published by HarperCollins . . .

Long Scarf

You ask me to take off my scarf
And sit down and rest for a while?
That’s sweet of you–but before I do,
I’ll tell you a story, my child.
Some years age I fought a duel
With the Count Doomandread,
And I slipped or tripped
And his sword just clipped
My neck–and sliced off my head.
I scooped it up and put it back,
But it didn’t quite connect,
So I tied this scarf around it
Just to keep it on my neck.
That’s why I always keep it on,
‘Cause if it did unwrap,
This wobbly chopped-off head of mine
Might tumble in your lap.
So now you’ve heard my tale, and if
It will not make you ill,
And you’d still like me to
Take off my scarf…
I will!!


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Gold Cloth

One of the boldest looking scarves from the Zazou Fall 2013 lineup is this golden orange wrap.

The gold threads mixed within the burnt orange shimmer under the light, and the fringe adds a nice, playful touch to the garment.