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Have you noticed a pattern throughout the “Scarf Star” posts thus far? I don’t mean to be doing this, but with the addition of 2010’s “Despicable Me” (this year’s “Despicable Me 2” is applicable as well,) this will be the third out of four scarves that is stripes! Who knew garments could be type casted as well?!


Nonetheless, in the lovable children’s comedy, starring the voice of Steve Carell, a super villain named Gru (Carell) plots the evil plan to adopt three orphaned girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes (who named these kids?) and use their cookie selling business as way to break into places. What did not go according to Gru’s dastardly plan, however, was the inevitability of him loving his new daughters, who help the evil genius turn things around.

Gru has an interesting body type, to say the least. The bald new dad has an incredibly wide torso, but stick-thin legs that miraculously support his large frame.


Gru is a simple man who styles his odd body type in a monochromatic sort of way. His grey turtleneck rests below his black, zip-up jacket and above his black skinny pants (how trendy Gru!) And when toting around his three girls or a weapon of mass destruction, Gru always dons his black and grey skinny scarf, that playfully whips about as he chases his children (or the minions!).

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Photos Courtesy FanPop

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I have high hopes for today, based on the fact that I am donning my favorite print of all time: leopard!

Yesterday, I bought FOUR Betsey Johnson bracelets, and could not wait to get ready for my internship at Sterling Styles and Zazou today so I could wear two of my recent purchases.

photo (6)

Anyway, after getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, and making the hour-long drive to Walnut, I have already accomplished a fair amount here at work 😀

To begin the day, I placed the brown bag lunch that my mother packed for me. She wrote my name on the bag and adorned it with ladybug stickers! It’s like I have time-traveled back to elementary school! Go Bobcats 😛

photo (5)

I then got straight to work on both the Sterling Styles and Zazou email blasts made on Mail Chimp. The emails will be sent to all the buyer contacts in the company’s roster, informing the buyers about the Atlanta Gift Show that will take place from July 11-16.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 11.04.03 AM

Now that the email campaign has been completed, other tasks on my to-do-list for the day include: working on the Zazou website at, transcribing my interview with one of the creators of Zazou, Claudia Koch, copying inventory information onto an Excel spreadsheet and adding more fabulous posts to this here Zazou Blog!

When designing the email blasts, I again went back to my studies from AMM 270, Visual Merchandising and Store Design. Incorporating colors that work well together was also taught during that course, when we studied the color wheel, learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Design was also studied in AMM 210 and AMM 210A, Design Analysis. Working on a retail and wholesaling website was also aided by my studies from AMM 454A, AMM 472A and AMM 497A, Retail Simulations I-III. These classes gave me the first hand knowledge about running the website for the online store, writing the ApparelScape newsletter and collaborating with a group of people.

All in a day’s work as a Sterling Styles and Zazou Intern! ❤