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My lovelies, by the end of today, I will have completed no less than 111 hours of my internship!

It seems like only yesterday I was driving from a showroom presentation at the California Market Center to be interviewed for Sterling Styles and Zazou!

All right, all right, enough reminiscing, let’s get down to business!

Today has already been a hectic day. Before even coming into work, a firetruck and ambulance came to my house because my brother was possibly bit my a spider. He swelled up like a balloon and was covered in red rashes. Luckily the paramedics said he was going to be OK, and with that assurance, I started my car and drove to work, where I sit here typing now.

Today I have made necessary alteration for the Pinterest board Zazou and Sterling Styles has utilized through NYNOW365, which is in correlation with the NY showroom the two brands will be presenting at later this month.  I also plan on adding more images to the pin boards so everyone can see even more of the fabulous Zazou and Sterling Styles merchandise.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.40.01 AM

For the rest of my shift, I will work on improving the Sterling Styles Retail website, call potential customers, work on this Zazou blog, create storylines for Zazou Fall collection and lastly, I hope to make a detailed binder filled with information any future Zazou interns will need to thrive in this position. For example, I will provide the urls of any sites, with their corresponding usernames and passwords.  There is so much online information, including this blog, that future copy writers will need to access.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.59.05 AM


While creating the online promotions and spreads, I utilized skills from AMM 270, Visual Merchandising and Store Design.

As always, wish me luck and have a great day my little zebras!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Zazou 22!

Hello little zebras! Today, July 30, 2013, is my 22nd birthday and my 12th day here at my Zazou and Sterling Styles internship. Therefore, the alternative title to this post could be Internship Day 12!

It has already been a busy morning. After arriving at 9:30 a.m., I changed the links on our Mail Chimp email blasts from venue information to show information. This means that when customers click the links, they will receive information about each show that Zazou is manning a showroom within, instead of just information about the location hosting the event. This was a learning experience for me, and I am glad I was able to change this information today.

Additionally, I was able to email product information and images to NYNOW, a site for one of the showroom locations Zazou will be participating in. The below image will be posted on NYNOW, allowing buyers and other exhibitors to view the information in a Pinterest-like manner.

6455 Dappled Knit Loop

This is the 6455 Dappled Knit Loop, and I must say, I think the model looks absolutely stunning!

I have more than 800 Sterling Styles descriptive blurbs done, so I will hopefully complete the last 200 today.

The letter for Zazou sales representatives has been finalized as well, and I shall await more assignments from the head honchos here at Zazou and Sterling Styles.

Thank you so much for sharing my birthday with me. Think good thoughts about a fun and productive day, while enjoying this very appropriate Taylor Swift song!!


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Unbelievably so, it is my 10th day at the office, as I work to complete my internship for my Apparel Merchandising and Management major at Cal Poly Pomona. As mentioned before, once I complete this internship and the course associated with it, I will be able to apply for graduation and receive my diploma from college!

Getting back to accomplishments closer at hand, I will begin the morning by stating how excited I am that I have finally picked the day (today) to wear my zebra shirt! I have been wanting to wear this top on a Tuesday or Thursday so as to properly represent this Zazou blog, who, as we all know, is symbolized by a zebra!


Today is a self sufficient day, in which I will work on projects that were assigned to me last week, and some that were assigned even earlier. For example, each day I try to get through at least 100 descriptive blurbs on the Sterling Styles website. There are also more ad campaigns that can be accomplished for the New York show room in August, and the designs and information pertinent to both the Zazou and Sterling Styles sites must be fine tuned as well.

And of course, one of my favorite duties at this internship, is adding posts and content to this blog, while simultaneously raising awareness about

I am still being helped by what I learned in classes such as AMM 230 and 270, in which descriptors and visual design were so important.

Thank you everybody for reading, and from all of us here at Zazou, have a fantastic day 😀

Hello my little zebras!

So, I have decided that every once in a while I could fill you in on the life and times of a Sterling Styles and Zazou intern. If you have not read about me yet in the ‘About the Blogger’ tab at the top of the page, I will give you a quick synopsis about myself right here and now.

My name is Micheala, I am 21 years old and I am a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona (Go Broncos!). I majored in Apparel Merchandising and Management and minored in Journalism. The thinking behind that  was I wanted to prepare myself for the world of fashion journalism!

Below is a selfie from today, my fourth day at my internship here in sunny Southern California (I know, the bangs need a trimmin’).

fourth day!

After snapping the selfie, I eagerly dialed the number of Christopher Carroll, the man behind the designs of Zazou scarfs. I wanted to interview Chris for this very blog.

We talked on the phone for nearly 25 minutes, during which he asked me questions about myself and I asked him about his career, inspirations and advice for those just starting out in the fashion industry.

It was so exciting to talk to someone who has actually made a name for himself in such a cutthroat industry, and even though I was a little nervous at first, Chris soon eased my tension with his sincerity and good natured attitude.

It was so wonderful to talk with someone who is so talented, yet so down to earth. Chris could not have been nicer during the phone interview, and he graciously added that if I ever need help or advice,  I could give him a call.

Thus far,  have utilized skills obtained from many of my Communication classes I took at Cal Poly Pomona. In my Reporting courses, we learned how to conduct interviews and set up articles. I also learned in AMM 245, Consumerism, Impact and Issues, because that class discussed customers and how they respond to products and ads. With this blog, I am attempting to communicate with consumers and appeal to their needs and interests. This use of social media also corresponds with AMM 230, Fashion Promotion, because I am constantly trying to promote the Zazou and Sterling Styles name.

It has been a great start to this Thursday so far – let’s hope this positivity continues!