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The time for Fall fashion has arrived! And with it has come a redesigned and updated Zazou retail and wholesale website!

Screen shot 2013-08-08 at 2.31.32 PM


New images, blurbs and descriptions are now available for your viewing and shopping pleasure on the Zazou homepage!

The Parquet de Versailles is the new headliner, and the new themes for Fall are also prominently featured. The themes include Luminosity, Texture and Warmth.

Also, on the lower right hand side of the page resides three new images that have been highlighted as favorite picks by Zazou! These three pieces include the Japanese Deco scarf, the Lettuce Edge scarf and the Angel Hair scarf. All are beautiful in their own, unique way, and they each represent a different theme of the Zazou Fall 2013 collection!

Photo on 2013-08-08 at 10.03

Fifteen days, 120 hours, 1,140 miles. The experience of an internship: priceless!

My little zebras, I have dedicated many hours and driven many miles to Sterling Styles and Zazou, but even those figures above surprised me!

For my shift today, I will be making the finishing touches on our NYNOW365 ad campaign (the one that is similar to Pinterest), and I will also be pitching my ideas about the Zazou website to Christopher Carroll and other people involved.

I will also be posting as much as I can to this blog today, seeing as there will be a limited amount of updates in the near future.

One of my favorite projects I have done here, however, is that of the internship guide I wrote on Tuesday. Although it was not a requirement of this internship or the Apparel Merchandising and Management class associated with it, I thought it would be nice to proved pages with tips, usernames and passwords for any future interns who are lucky enough to work for Sterling Styles and Zazou. Hopefully it will be of use to any Cal Poly Pomona students who sit at this desk.

Thank you so much for reading, and stay fashionable my little zebras!

Love, Micheala


At the mere sight, touch, smell or mention of a rose, the beautiful balcony scene from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” instantly blooms into my mind. And this luminous 6502 Painted Roses Wrap, patterned with precious, swirling roses, is no exception.

The black version of this scarf is pictured, but it is also available in mist blue and grey.

This exclusive print by Christopher Carroll has been placed on a wrap that measures in at 26″ by 76″ and is made from soft blended yarn. It wholesales for $18 and is from the Fall 2013 Zazou Collection.

Again, it has been named the 6502 Painted Roses Wrap, but, by any other name would look as sweet!

Photo on 2013-07-30 at 11.32

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling Zazou 22!

Hello little zebras! Today, July 30, 2013, is my 22nd birthday and my 12th day here at my Zazou and Sterling Styles internship. Therefore, the alternative title to this post could be Internship Day 12!

It has already been a busy morning. After arriving at 9:30 a.m., I changed the links on our Mail Chimp email blasts from venue information to show information. This means that when customers click the links, they will receive information about each show that Zazou is manning a showroom within, instead of just information about the location hosting the event. This was a learning experience for me, and I am glad I was able to change this information today.

Additionally, I was able to email product information and images to NYNOW, a site for one of the showroom locations Zazou will be participating in. The below image will be posted on NYNOW, allowing buyers and other exhibitors to view the information in a Pinterest-like manner.

6455 Dappled Knit Loop

This is the 6455 Dappled Knit Loop, and I must say, I think the model looks absolutely stunning!

I have more than 800 Sterling Styles descriptive blurbs done, so I will hopefully complete the last 200 today.

The letter for Zazou sales representatives has been finalized as well, and I shall await more assignments from the head honchos here at Zazou and Sterling Styles.

Thank you so much for sharing my birthday with me. Think good thoughts about a fun and productive day, while enjoying this very appropriate Taylor Swift song!!


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When admiring the silver Mohair Scarf from the Fall 2013 Zazou collection, a certain rhyme comes to my mind: “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”

The message I take from this? Old scarves are gold, but new ones are beautiful, sleek silver, just like this chic accessory that is perfectly paired with a black leather jacket. A silver scarf such as this can add the final touch to the outfit of any feminine rock star who knows how to have a great time, whether at a dinner party or riding on her Harley Davidson.

This silver Mohair Scarf exemplifies what accessories are supposed to be: individualistic pieces that can turn up the volume on any ensemble. Yes, a great pair of jeans and a glossy leather jacket make for a great fashion pair, but the addition of a silver scarf makes it even better, and creates a look all your own. This silver scarf wins the gold medal, without a doubt!

It is already Thursday morning of July 25, 2013! Where or where has the time gone?!

Although I am primarily on my computer during my hours here at Sterling Styles, Inc. and Zazou, time usually flies by, which is why, I suppose, I should not be surprised that it is already the end of my sixth week at my internship.

As always, I will be working diligently on the Sterling Style descriptive blogs and various email blasts for Sterling Styles and Zazou.

I will also be discussing a letter to prospective buyers draft with Christopher Carroll, who will surely give me important tips and instructions on how to properly write and forward this important Zazou letter.

Also, in between Zazou1982 blog posts and my other Zazou assignments, I will be admiring the new Zazou Fall 2013 Catalog, which features beautiful scarves and fingerless gloves that all embody luminosity, texture and warmth. I will use what I learned in AMM 443A, APparel Market Analysis Report. That class primarily consisted of writing, an activity I indulge in every single day here at Sterling Styles and Zazou.

Photo on 2013-07-25 at 10.13

Thank you for reading, and cheers to a productive and successful work day!


Though infrequently discussed on this blog, Zazou, known for its chic scarves, also sell finely made fingerless gloves that embody the essences of warmth, texture and luminosity.

In the image pictured above, the model has paired some prim fingerless gloves with her lace top and Stonewash Scarf from the Fall 2013 Zazou collection.

Fingerless gloves are a fun alternative to your normal winter wear accessories. The fingerless aspect is also useful because it keeps your hands warm while still allowing you to do normal tasks that other gloves inhibit, such as buttoning jackets or accessing your phone.

photo (11)

It was so exciting this morning to hold the hard copy of the Zazou Fall 2013 catalog in my hands! It is a sizable catalog filled with looks and pieces that embody Zazou qualities: Luminosity, Texture, Warmth.

According to Christopher Carroll, the emblem, if you will, for Zazou was chosen to be a Zebra, so as to continue with the ‘Z’ theme.

Zazou logo

Thirty years ago this decision was made, yet, one day ago, an article was trending on Yahoo, in which it was stated that Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper was making a comeback! This makes sense, seeing as the color combination of black and white has always been a staple.

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 11.31.41 AM

Screen shot 2013-07-11 at 11.31.48 AM

It looks like siblings of  the iconic Zazou symbol will be appearing in even more homes around the country!

*Images Courtesy Yahoo Shine

In the hidden, underground cafés of Paris, they would gossip, read poetry and flaunt their zoot suits. They would find solace in the company of one another as the destruction of World War II played out above theme. They were ‘zazous.’

From their avante garde styles and European flare came inspiration for the name of the American accessory brand Zazou, which can be found at

“We spent a lot of time thinking about the name because we wanted something that had a good sound to it,” recounted designer, artist, and man behind Zazou designs, Christopher Carroll.

Although he does not necessarily consider himself a fashion designer, or even thought he would be working in the fashion industry at all, Chris has helped develop and grow the brand Zazou since its inception in 1982 with his friend and business partner, Claudia Koch.

“I kind of got into designing scarves in kind of a weird way,” said the Berkeley alumnus. “A good friend of mine [Claudia] had moved to Europe and she was going to . . . Afghanistan and India and a bunch of places, and she would buy some jewelry and hand crafted items . . . and sell them in Greece.”

After seemingly non-stop traveling, however, Claudia wanted to stay put and open up a wholesale line in the United States. After trying out various assortments, the entrepreneur soon discovered that she was selling more scarves than any of her other products, and in an effort to expand the success of her accessories, she looked to her good friend and confidant, Chris.

“Because we were close, she said, ‘Why don’t we just design them?'” said Chris about his first involvement with Zazou scarves.

Soon, one scarf design became two, and two designs became a collection, and the Zazou line is what Chris has been working on ever since, in addition to his own artwork and publications.

“I like designing scarves,” said Chris. “I like fabric and I like participating in that whole thing, but I also like doing my own work.”

Chris’ artwork mainly consists of black and white drawings and projects made from cut paper.

In both his artwork and fashion designs, Chris finds inspirations from a myriad of places.

“Because it’s fashion, it can’t just be anything,” explained Chris. “It has to be something I’m interested in. It has to be something that is current, and that I feel is something people would look good in.”

Current and flattering trends Chris has noticed include bolder prints that are larger in scale, as opposed to smaller, more intricate designs that were popular a few years ago.

Design inspirations, however, can also be found in decades past.

“I know a lot about the history of fashion and textiles,” said Chris. “So when I feel like something is going to be back in style, [because] everything is sort of like a big, revolving circle, I like to update something that is in the back of my head or that is some historical thing.”

The bold patterns and silky textures that frequently make up Zazou designs can usually be found on customers older in age, who already have a clear definition of their own personal styles.

“[The Zazou customer is] someone who is a little bit older, but I have always wanted to design for young people,” said Chris, as he contemplated the women who buy Zazou products. “In my mind, I would rather design for a young person, and that is kind of what I have in mind when I’m designing, even though our customer is usually older.”

No matter what Chris is envisioning when creating his designs, the final products result in quality, bold scarves that have helped Zazou expand to vineyards, galleries and museums in America and Europe.

Chris made no hint to the idea that he was slowing down, and he seemed optimistic about the future, with words of wisdom for the next generation of fashion hopefuls making their way into the industry.

“You have to start off by investing in yourself,” advised Chris. “Just do something. If you want to design clothes, then design them, make them . . . don’t wait.”