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The themes of the Zazou Fall 2013 Collection have been briefly mentioned in previous posts. To refresh your memory, the three pillars of Zazou include LuminosityTexture and Warmth.

When creating these three standards, designer Christopher Carroll had very specific messages in mind. He wanted to convey the attributes of Zazou scarves and fingerless gloves that stand out the most and that mean the most to the customers that enjoy the products.

Many pieces in the Fall line are luminous in the way that the sequins, glitter or pure sheen of the fabric reflect the light. Some of the accessories, including the Japanese Deco scarf, are magically reflective and pure, and it all stems from the illuminating qualities of the jacquard fabric.

Zazou masterpieces are also rich in their texture as well, meaning that one accessory can not only dazzle your eyes, but your sense of touch as well. Two of the most texturally interesting pieces include the Floating Thread Wrap scarf and the Angel Hair scarf. The two items are made of silk with either thread of a different solid color or metallic color intricately weaved throughout the design. It was made sure in the creation process, however, that the silk part of the scarf was the section that touched your delicate skin, and the other, more textured threads created a type of plumage on the outer section of the scarf so as not to irritate the wearer’s collarbone and neck area.

Lastly, one of the most basic, utilitarian purposes of a scarf or glove is to keep its owner warm and safe from the elements, Luckily for the stylish women of 2013, Zazou scarves keep them toasty, while maintaining chic designs and vibrant prints and patterns. Some of the warmest pieces come from the collection of knits designs by Carroll. One such comfy creation is that of Lattice Knit Scarf, which is available in green. black and plum grey. These deeper hues personify the the earthy warmth that these knit pieces provide. Additionally, most of the knits are adorned with decorative fringe in varying lengths, adding personality to each cozy wrap.

Which theme from the Zazou 2013 Fall collection will you boast this upcoming season, or will you indulge in all three?



For Fall 2013, Zazou embraced three main concepts: Luminosity, Texture and Warmth. The 6504 Feather Weave Wrap truly embodies the second characteristic: texture.

This scarf wholesales for $18 and is 36″ by 75″, making it one of the wider scarves in the collection. It is made of soft blended yarn, and the frayed fringe feathers out at the edges.  It is also available in three colors, including black (shown), zinc and pearl. All colors are classy, elegant and must haves for the upcoming season.


Whereas most scarves are thick and chunkier to protect the wearer from the elements, this 1210 Morning Glory Scarf is thin, broad and delicate. It maintains the ombre effect, as light blue at the top becomes dark blue, then finally turns into a soft green.

This piece from the Zazou Fall 2013 Collection wholesales for a mere $14 and is 20″ by 70″ slub rayon with combed fringe (the fringe is microscopic in comparison to the dipped knit scarf!). The lovely wrap comes in three different colors: sage (shown), sand and blue.


Though infrequently discussed on this blog, Zazou, known for its chic scarves, also sell finely made fingerless gloves that embody the essences of warmth, texture and luminosity.

In the image pictured above, the model has paired some prim fingerless gloves with her lace top and Stonewash Scarf from the Fall 2013 Zazou collection.

Fingerless gloves are a fun alternative to your normal winter wear accessories. The fingerless aspect is also useful because it keeps your hands warm while still allowing you to do normal tasks that other gloves inhibit, such as buttoning jackets or accessing your phone.

Welcome back to  Scarf Stars, where we attempt to stock the Hollywood Square cubicles with fabulously famous scarves (or, in actuality, have some fun with scarves in cinema).

Today’s celebrity accessory was not necessarily made for style, but for practical reasons instead, because winter in the home town of Ralph, Randy and the Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, is as snowy and cold as it gets.

A Christmas Story

To protect himself from the nose-nipping air, Randy from 1983’s “A Christmas Story” rocks one thick, wool scarf that covers his neck and the majority of his face.


The bulky scarf, however, is the least of Randy’s worries, seeing as his padded red snow suit prohibits him from even putting his arms down!

Stay warm Randy, and if you want to trade in your scarf-mask for some sleeker, less binding garments, check out  scarves at!

This Just In!

Brand new photos from the Zazou Fall 2013 photo shoot have arrived, and you are the first lucky viewers to see the shots!

The scarves look incredibly comfortable and beautiful, and the model truly rocked every look.

After scanning the more than 60 images from the shoot, my favorite piece has to be this simple, black and white patterned scarf. The unorthodox blocking of the curved lines create smooth waves that truly catch the eye.


The entire collection favors deep tones that are juxtaposed by the soft look of the fabrics.

Stay tuned to see more Zazou Fall designs throughout the weeks!

1231 Deco Fan

Like most accessories, scarves punch up an outfit and take it from bland to bombshell.

A plain white T-shirt  and distressed denim offer one look, while the same ensemble ascends to a new level when given a silk wrapping or a patterned scarf (Swerving Dots Scarf, Zazou)

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 3.11.38 PM

According to, a scarf is “a long, broad strip of wool, silk, lace or other material worn about the neck, shoulders or head for ornament or protection against cold, drafts, etc.”

This dry definition is just the tip of the fringe when it comes to scarves.

At Zazou, scarves promote a lifestyle. They cloak elegant women in tangible decadence. They quietly lie around her neck as she sips a latte in a Parisian coffee house.

Sipping a Latte

Shop Zazou, and you are shopping a lifestyle!