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In my third week at my Sterling Styles and Zazou internship, I felt it was about time that I actually rocked a scarf of my own, seeing as Zazou, in particular, is known for its fabulous scarves.

The reason I have been putting off wearing this accessory is the fact that the temperatures down here in Southern California have been CRAZY hot lately! Luckily, a few scattered clouds have appeared, and the cool fans in the office make scarf-wearing perfectly plausible.

In my fifth day as a copywriting intern, I have mainly focused on writing the third “Scarf Stars” article for this blog and I have also implemented blurbs onto the Sterling Styles’ wholesaling website.

Blurbs are what I call the short descriptions of clothing items that are offered on websites that sell garments. The descriptions can pertain to the color, style, shape or really anything that has to do with the item in question. The more creative and colorfully worded the blurb, the better.

I had written approximately 83 blurbs last week for the newest styles offered from the assortment. Today, however, I want to take it upon myself to write blurbs for every single other style offered on the Sterling Styles website. But there are, mind you, 1,019 products available!!

This visualization of the appearance of the website directly correlates to AMM 270, Visual Merchandising and Store Design. In that class, one of our assignments was to find a poorly designed website and revamp it to make it more visually stunning and informational. That project has helped me today.

Wish me luck in creating one-of-a-kind blurbs for each piece. You can look at the blurbs I have written so far at, and then check out the company’s sister site at, you guessed it,

Love, Micheala

Hello my little zebras!

So, I have decided that every once in a while I could fill you in on the life and times of a Sterling Styles and Zazou intern. If you have not read about me yet in the ‘About the Blogger’ tab at the top of the page, I will give you a quick synopsis about myself right here and now.

My name is Micheala, I am 21 years old and I am a recent graduate of Cal Poly Pomona (Go Broncos!). I majored in Apparel Merchandising and Management and minored in Journalism. The thinking behind that  was I wanted to prepare myself for the world of fashion journalism!

Below is a selfie from today, my fourth day at my internship here in sunny Southern California (I know, the bangs need a trimmin’).

fourth day!

After snapping the selfie, I eagerly dialed the number of Christopher Carroll, the man behind the designs of Zazou scarfs. I wanted to interview Chris for this very blog.

We talked on the phone for nearly 25 minutes, during which he asked me questions about myself and I asked him about his career, inspirations and advice for those just starting out in the fashion industry.

It was so exciting to talk to someone who has actually made a name for himself in such a cutthroat industry, and even though I was a little nervous at first, Chris soon eased my tension with his sincerity and good natured attitude.

It was so wonderful to talk with someone who is so talented, yet so down to earth. Chris could not have been nicer during the phone interview, and he graciously added that if I ever need help or advice,  I could give him a call.

Thus far,  have utilized skills obtained from many of my Communication classes I took at Cal Poly Pomona. In my Reporting courses, we learned how to conduct interviews and set up articles. I also learned in AMM 245, Consumerism, Impact and Issues, because that class discussed customers and how they respond to products and ads. With this blog, I am attempting to communicate with consumers and appeal to their needs and interests. This use of social media also corresponds with AMM 230, Fashion Promotion, because I am constantly trying to promote the Zazou and Sterling Styles name.

It has been a great start to this Thursday so far – let’s hope this positivity continues!