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Once you feel, admire and wear this whimsical scarf, you will realize that it is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This 1205 Casablanca Scarf was named after the 1942 film, and it is just as much a classic as the Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman film.

The accessory is priced at a $12 wholesale, and remember, styles $12 and below require a minimum order of two per color, or $200. The Casablanca scarf is available in  denim (pictured), black  and zinc (green). It is 20″ by 37″ slub rayon with combed fringe.

Hello my lovely little Zazou Zebras!

I want to wish you a happy weekend. I will return to my Zazou and Sterling Styles duties on Tuesday, July 30, which is actually my 22nd birthday!

It will be my honor to share my birthday here with you, and until then, happy reading!

Love, Micheala


Unbelievably so, it is my 10th day at the office, as I work to complete my internship for my Apparel Merchandising and Management major at Cal Poly Pomona. As mentioned before, once I complete this internship and the course associated with it, I will be able to apply for graduation and receive my diploma from college!

Getting back to accomplishments closer at hand, I will begin the morning by stating how excited I am that I have finally picked the day (today) to wear my zebra shirt! I have been wanting to wear this top on a Tuesday or Thursday so as to properly represent this Zazou blog, who, as we all know, is symbolized by a zebra!


Today is a self sufficient day, in which I will work on projects that were assigned to me last week, and some that were assigned even earlier. For example, each day I try to get through at least 100 descriptive blurbs on the Sterling Styles website. There are also more ad campaigns that can be accomplished for the New York show room in August, and the designs and information pertinent to both the Zazou and Sterling Styles sites must be fine tuned as well.

And of course, one of my favorite duties at this internship, is adding posts and content to this blog, while simultaneously raising awareness about

I am still being helped by what I learned in classes such as AMM 230 and 270, in which descriptors and visual design were so important.

Thank you everybody for reading, and from all of us here at Zazou, have a fantastic day 😀

Photo on 2013-07-18 at 09.49

Good morning little Zebras!

Today is Thursday and, as usual, there is a lot on the agenda 🙂

As you can see in my silly self portrait, some color has been added to the office. There are currently 11 different styles of blouses hanging on the metal bars in my room here at Sterling Styles and Zazou. All of these Sterling designs are from the “Champagne Collection” and must be given names, which is where I come in. Hopefully, I will be able to do a similar task for new Zazou scarves as well.

I will also continue to write the hundreds of descriptive blurbs necessary on the Sterling Styles website, create four more Mail Chimp ads for Zazou and Sterling, work on this blog and, this afternoon, call our friend Christopher Carroll and discuss tasks associated with the Zazou website and the upcoming Zazou Fall catalogue.

Since I have conversed with so many different people associated in the industry, whether it is with my bosses here or with Chris and Claudia, and I have extended my knowledge I learned about the industry in AMM 496, Issues in Retail Management.

And when I get home this evening, I plan to sleep, sleep and sleep some more!

As always, wish me luck and enjoy Zazou1982!

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Think . . . think . . . think.

What am I pondering, you may ask? Well, I am of course asking myself what movie I can choose for the fifth installment of “Scarf Stars,” in which I highlight a cinematic scarf for the entertainment of the wonderful readers of Zazou1982!

For now, however, I will think about my movie selection in the back of my head as I inform you about my eighth day here as a Sterling Styles and Zazou copywriting intern.

Yes, it is hard to believe that I have already dedicated approximately 55 hours here as an intern – time flies when I am doing what I love: writing!

As you may have noticed in my previous post, I recently wrote the profile piece on Claudia Koch, one of the founders of the Zazou brand. If you have not already, please check out the article and read about the wonderfully quirky Claudia.

For the rest of the rest of the day, I will continue on numerous tasks that were assigned to me two weeks ago. I still have hundreds more blurbs to write for the products of Sterling Styles, Inc. I also have to complete more email blasts on Mail Chimp for upcoming shows for Zazou and Sterling Styles in cities such as Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City. This morning, I was able to complete blast designs for Trendz (Florida Fashion Focus), which will take place at the Palm Beach County Convention Center.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 10.57.55 AM

These trade shows are extremely important for the company and the Sales Representatives the company employs, I learned first hand about sales rooms and the duties of sales reps in AMM 471, Wholesale Operations.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll update again on Thursday 🙂

END OF THE DAY UPDATE: Remember how I have been assigned to write blurbs for all of the garments on the Sterling Styles‘ website? So far, I have made a small dent, and have completed approximately 356 descriptions! Just a few hundred more to go! Also, one of my newer tasks will be to assign names to some of the newer Sterling Styles merchandise. Stay tuned 😀

*Photograph courtesy



As mentioned in my previous post (, scarves are a great accessory that can cover you up on your more modest days. One scarf that does such a trick is this Mondrian piece from the Fall 2013 Zazou collection (

The red and burnt orange colors can offer the toastiest touch to any cold day.

See more scarves at

Photo on 2013-07-11 at 10.12

Happy Thursday my Zazou Zebras!

Yesterday flew by, and now I am back here in Walnut working on assignments for Sterling Styles and Zazou (

In terms of the blog, I want to focus on giving you more looks from the Fall 2013 photo shoot. Now, should I do this before or after I eat my nutritious lunch?!

photo (7)

Yes, while I am diligent when it comes to my work here, I have absolutely no regiment when it comes to my diet, hence the summer weight gain, hence my current distaste for swim wear!!

Anyway, what is nice about scarves is they fit you no matter what your waist size! You can even throw on a long, billowy scarf that covers you up in case you are feeling modest (or full of pop tarts).

Today I STILL need to transcribe my Claudia Koch interview, work on more online campaigns for future show room events in locations such as New York and Las Vegas and make an excel spreadsheet for Zazou inventory.

Work from my communication courses will again come in handy as I transcribe and write my Claudia profile piece. She talked to me about the business side of fashion and the chain of operations, facts I also learned about in classes such as AMM 250 and AMM 350, Apparel Merchandise Buying I and II.

Wish me luck ❤


Have you noticed a pattern throughout the “Scarf Star” posts thus far? I don’t mean to be doing this, but with the addition of 2010’s “Despicable Me” (this year’s “Despicable Me 2” is applicable as well,) this will be the third out of four scarves that is stripes! Who knew garments could be type casted as well?!


Nonetheless, in the lovable children’s comedy, starring the voice of Steve Carell, a super villain named Gru (Carell) plots the evil plan to adopt three orphaned girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes (who named these kids?) and use their cookie selling business as way to break into places. What did not go according to Gru’s dastardly plan, however, was the inevitability of him loving his new daughters, who help the evil genius turn things around.

Gru has an interesting body type, to say the least. The bald new dad has an incredibly wide torso, but stick-thin legs that miraculously support his large frame.


Gru is a simple man who styles his odd body type in a monochromatic sort of way. His grey turtleneck rests below his black, zip-up jacket and above his black skinny pants (how trendy Gru!) And when toting around his three girls or a weapon of mass destruction, Gru always dons his black and grey skinny scarf, that playfully whips about as he chases his children (or the minions!).

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 12.36.24 PM

Photos Courtesy FanPop

Photo on 2013-07-09 at 10.53

I have high hopes for today, based on the fact that I am donning my favorite print of all time: leopard!

Yesterday, I bought FOUR Betsey Johnson bracelets, and could not wait to get ready for my internship at Sterling Styles and Zazou today so I could wear two of my recent purchases.

photo (6)

Anyway, after getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup, and making the hour-long drive to Walnut, I have already accomplished a fair amount here at work 😀

To begin the day, I placed the brown bag lunch that my mother packed for me. She wrote my name on the bag and adorned it with ladybug stickers! It’s like I have time-traveled back to elementary school! Go Bobcats 😛

photo (5)

I then got straight to work on both the Sterling Styles and Zazou email blasts made on Mail Chimp. The emails will be sent to all the buyer contacts in the company’s roster, informing the buyers about the Atlanta Gift Show that will take place from July 11-16.

Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 11.04.03 AM

Now that the email campaign has been completed, other tasks on my to-do-list for the day include: working on the Zazou website at, transcribing my interview with one of the creators of Zazou, Claudia Koch, copying inventory information onto an Excel spreadsheet and adding more fabulous posts to this here Zazou Blog!

When designing the email blasts, I again went back to my studies from AMM 270, Visual Merchandising and Store Design. Incorporating colors that work well together was also taught during that course, when we studied the color wheel, learning about primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Design was also studied in AMM 210 and AMM 210A, Design Analysis. Working on a retail and wholesaling website was also aided by my studies from AMM 454A, AMM 472A and AMM 497A, Retail Simulations I-III. These classes gave me the first hand knowledge about running the website for the online store, writing the ApparelScape newsletter and collaborating with a group of people.

All in a day’s work as a Sterling Styles and Zazou Intern! ❤

Photo on 2013-07-02 at 10.59

In my third week at my Sterling Styles and Zazou internship, I felt it was about time that I actually rocked a scarf of my own, seeing as Zazou, in particular, is known for its fabulous scarves.

The reason I have been putting off wearing this accessory is the fact that the temperatures down here in Southern California have been CRAZY hot lately! Luckily, a few scattered clouds have appeared, and the cool fans in the office make scarf-wearing perfectly plausible.

In my fifth day as a copywriting intern, I have mainly focused on writing the third “Scarf Stars” article for this blog and I have also implemented blurbs onto the Sterling Styles’ wholesaling website.

Blurbs are what I call the short descriptions of clothing items that are offered on websites that sell garments. The descriptions can pertain to the color, style, shape or really anything that has to do with the item in question. The more creative and colorfully worded the blurb, the better.

I had written approximately 83 blurbs last week for the newest styles offered from the assortment. Today, however, I want to take it upon myself to write blurbs for every single other style offered on the Sterling Styles website. But there are, mind you, 1,019 products available!!

This visualization of the appearance of the website directly correlates to AMM 270, Visual Merchandising and Store Design. In that class, one of our assignments was to find a poorly designed website and revamp it to make it more visually stunning and informational. That project has helped me today.

Wish me luck in creating one-of-a-kind blurbs for each piece. You can look at the blurbs I have written so far at, and then check out the company’s sister site at, you guessed it,

Love, Micheala